Tips for eating healthy during your work week

I was just thinking...

Sometimes it is difficult to pack a lunch/snacks every day for work. We have such busy lives jam packed full of things to do, kids to get off to school, spouses to see off to work, etc. every morning. Mornings are usually a blur for me as well. There just isn't enough time to spare.

Here are some things I do to help me make good food choices during the work week.
1. Pack your lunch the night before - You may even want to pack leftover dinner or whip up something easy so you don’t spend too much time preparing your lunch bag (remember to pack your ice pack in the morning so your food stays cool).

2. If you have access to refrigerator space at work (and others won’t steal your goods – tell them you spit in your food and be sure to spit in your food so they can see LOL just a suggestion) keep a small stash – enough for a week - of easy to prep foods at work.

3. If you have desk drawer space or shelf space in your office you can also keep a small stash of non-perishable foods.

4. When eating out – choose places that have potentially healthier options such as a deli, a grocery store (some have eating areas inside and you would have the entire store to select your lunch from), avoid the typical fast food chains if possible where most of the menu options are fried.

5. If you do eat out – make it to go if possible and eat at a park or at your desk. If you are not sitting in the restaurant you are less likely to order more food, get dessert, or be tempted while eating your meal.

6. Drink plenty of water – this will help you stay hydrated and will also help you feel less empty the closer it gets to feeding time.

Items I like to keep at work (I have access to refrigerator space – no need to spit in my food) and office space for non-perishables.
- Almond Milk Unsweetened 
- Greek Yogurt
- Vegan Cheese
- Ezekiel Bread
- Frozen Fruit (a small bag)
- Pack of Deli meat (a small pack)
- Lemons and Limes (2 of each)
- Raw Oatmeal Oats (a small container)
- Raw Shelled Walnuts (a sandwich bag)
- Raisins (a sandwich bag)
- Cashew or Almond or Peanut Butter
- Ground Cinnamon
- Ground Flaxseed
- Mineral Water
- Popcorn Kernels & a stack of Paper Lunch Bags (I air pop plain popcorn in the microwave)
- Hot Sauces (Franks, Louisiana, Valentina, and Sriracha – I have an obsession)
- Albacore Tuna (1 or 2 cans/pouches)

Items I pack in my lunch bag:
- A piece of fresh fruit or a small salad
- Hard Boiled Eggs (1 or 2)
- Avocado (great alone, as a topping, or for a sandwich spread instead of other condiments)
- Protein Bar or Shake
- Water Bottle (with lemon or lime or both)
- Anything else I want to try or feel I need nutrition wise that day.
- My lunch (a small meal most of the time) – when I can’t pack a meal I make a meal from what I keep at work.

The hardest part of a getting in shape and maintaining it, is controlling what you put in your body all day long. Stick with it, you can do it! 

- Mir_bq