Healthy Eating on a Budget

Many people's excuse for not eating a healthy diet is that it is costly and out of their budget range. However, it does not have to be and I am here to share some of my shopping secrets with you on getting the most HEALTHY food for your dollar.

Something to keep in mind, although eating organic is a better option for most foods - many times it is less expensive to eat non-organic but still fresh whole foods. Buy organic when possible/available, however I recommend eating fresh whole foods regardless if organic or not.

Eating seasonal whole foods is a good way to save.

Shopping at Multiple Stores

Shopping at more than one store, especially if they are within close proximity, can sometimes save you money. Meat markets and other small grocers also put out weekly ads that sometimes offer better prices for produce than some of the larger chains. Take a close look at all the weekly grocer ads you get in the mail; you might be surprised to see some really good deals at some of the stores you do not frequent.

Also, if you see a small grocer nearby but you have not seen a weekly ad in the mail for it you may want to check online since some grocers are small and can not afford mail outs. Chances are they do have a website and online weekly ads available for review/printing. You can also stop by and check out the store to see what they have available and also pick up an in-store weekly ad if they have them in-store. Do not forget to check out your local farmers market or produce co-op in your city or area for possibly low priced foods.

Price Matching

This approach is how I get most of my groceries. There are some stores that will price match hence saving you the time spent shopping at more than one store. Simply collect all the ads you want to use which contain all the food items you want to price match and take them with you to the store that honors a price matching policy. Match name brands to the same exact name brands and store brands to the store you are shopping at own store brand.

I find that making a list by store ad makes it easier at checkout. Although it may be a little intimidating to hold up the checkout lane a little longer than normal when price matching, think about why you are doing it (saving money, eat healthy, improve yours and your family's health, etc). I am sure the benefits outweigh the short time you will have the uncomfortable feeling. I have gotten to know some of the cashiers at my local shopping store and even share my ads once I am done using them with the cashiers as well. Most people like to keep a little more of their money to use for other things when possible. Here is where I do most of my shopping:


Many manufacturers’ also offer special discounts in the form of coupons. Many of these you can find in the Sunday paper, online either at a product's/manufacturer's website, or online at a coupon or super saver website which collect many available online printable coupons which make them available to you. Remember that these coupons can also be used in conjunction with price matching saving you even more.

Keep an eye out for in-store coupons and special in-store promotions. These discounts or promotions are not usually advertised in weekly ads or commercials but are known to regular customers. Remember that some stores also have a store card which allow you additional savings. If you are a senior citizen you may be eligible for an additional % off when using your store card, this additional savings can be applied to your card at the customer service counter for all future purchases.

Online Shopping

Specialty items and/or non-perishable items are sometimes available online for less. Some items I buy online are Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Supplements (Protein powder, vitamins, etc). When shopping online here are some things to consider:

- compare several sites and stores to ensure you get a good deal

- shipping costs - some sites offer free shipping (when spending a certain amount or free shipping on certain promotional days) or fixed price shipping regardless of the amount purchased

- taxes (some sites do not charge taxes depending on the state they are located in)

- promotion codes - you can Google or yahoo search for online promotional codes for the online stores you are shopping at for additional discounts

Buying in Bulk

Sam's and Costco offer items in bulk for those of you who have the space. Again, compare the price per unit to other stores or online stores to ensure you are getting the most for your money. Costco carries a lot of specially items and organic items both non-perishables and fresh foods. Remember you need a paid membership to shop at these warehouses but if you know someone who has a membership consider tagging along or team up with a family member/friend and share a membership. I do this with my sister!

What's your excuse?

So to sum it up, there is no excuse for having an unhealthy diet! Get creative and find ways to eat good healthy foods while also saving; after all it is your health and your money you have to gain or lose, you decide.


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