Nutrition 108: Not Really "Cheating"

Just my thoughts:

I don’t want you to get the idea or impression that being fit/healthy means you never indulge/cheat (I don’t really like using the word “cheat” in this context because you are not cheating if you are aware and in control of what you are putting into your body). The key is discipline not just in sticking to healthy eating and getting regular exercise, but also discipline when indulging. 

The reason I am not easy on myself when I have stuff like chips, candy and other junk/bad food is because it can be really easy to revert back to old habits/cravings. Junk food tastes good and it is easy to forget about portion control and lose track of how much you are consuming or how often you are consuming it. Reminding myself that it’s not nutritious or beneficial but only gratifying temporarily to the taste buds helps me stay in check. I actually indulge more often than I publicly admit but I’m ok with that because it is in a controlled way. I make sure that it’s only that, a small “cheat” snack or meal (usually opting for healthier choices but not always) and not a whole day or week of splurging for the mere pleasure of savoring food.

So am I hard on myself? Yes
If I’m not then who will do it for me? No one.
Do I indulge from time to time? Yes
Do I dwell on it? Just long enough to keep it under control and then I'm right back to where I was.

Some people when they “cheat” get depressed/upset/beat themselves up over it. I believe that it is easier to attain/maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle if you do not feel deprived but rather allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as tasty foods that may not necessarily be nutritious in a disciplined/controlled manner.

Next time you indulge take it for what it is/was, a little bit of a treat or a bump in the road and then move on. Always remember to be disciplined when making your choices.

- Mir BQ